Waterproof Fishing Jacket

A good soaking from rain on an outdoor expedition can ruin it. What’s more, even in the summer, being soaked down from the rain can sap your energy and possibly lead to hypothermia.

Hypothermia is a condition that occurs when a person’s body temperature goes below what required for normal metabolism and body functions. In warm-blooded animals and people, the body core temperature is kept about a constant level by thermoregulation or biologic homeostasis. Exposing ajacket2 human body to cold, may result in internal mechanisms being unable to replenish required heat which is being lost to the organism’s surroundings.

This heat can be lost more easily when a person gets wet. That, combined with wind, rain, salt or fresh water, can result in the rapid loss of body temperature.

Waterproof Fishing Jackets

Good quality waterproof fishing jackets should be long enough to wear over the needed clothes for fishing. They should be designed and fabricated to withstand the harsh conditions encountered outside while fishing in the rain.

They should be constructed using technologically advanced fabrics. These fabrics should be breathable and weatherproof. Very important is that the seams of the jacket be completely sealed. Most importantly, waterproof fishing jackets should block wind and rain in any season. Fishermen want to stay dry and comfortable during any outdoor outing.

Fishing Rain Jacket

Features of waterproof fishing jackets could include storm flaps, drawstring waists, and velcroed windproof cuffs. Bellows pockets and hidden hand warmers are helpful for cold weather as well. The chest is a good location for zippered pockets. One of my favorite outdoor rain jackets ever had a hidden emergency hood that folded into the collar.

I have also enjoy rain jackets with two-way zippers. The interior pockets should be fully lined for security and warmth. Finally, a good outdoor rain fishing jacket also needs to be washable.