Fishing Wading Jackets

A jacket for wading and fishing is very important. It should have a number of attributes to meet the needs of it’s owner. I would recommend the following design and construction features:

  • The fabric should very breathable, but under any circumstances remaingreys_jackets fl
  • 100% water proof
  • Be thin having no insulation
  • A short – waist line that is above hip
  • Zippers should be water proof and durable and have extra pull cord
  • Limited the loose membrane layers that are between the inner and outer fabrics
  • Front zipper should have two zippers
  • Recommend both separate equipment and hand pockets
  • A chin flap to shield the top of zipper, flap should not get caught in the zipper
  • The pocket bottom should be higher than the expected wading limit
  • A large rear pocket should have side access
  • One hand tension cord for hood
  • Large chest pockets with Velcro closing and large covers
  • A rod holder with two straps would be excellent
  • Very large hood secured in collar
  • Should be a simple design
  • The cord should tighten hood horizontally
  • Being machine washable is highly recommended